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Who are we?

We have started our operations in Curacao, an amazingly beautiful and inspiring tropical island in the Caribbean and aim to expand throughout the Caribbean and beyond. Born and raised in the Netherlands and missing the tropical environment, Curacao was the next stop after falling in love with the ocean, tropical rainforests, mountains, animals and everything we had seen during our travels around the world. Always being active, this inspired us to combine what we love to do - travel and explore our beautiful planet - with creating sustainable clothing that can support us on our adventures and in our always active lifestyle while staying to close to nature.

What do we stand for?

Aurora Fitness aims to provide you with an opportunity to contribute to a better and more sustainable environment. We share a deep appreciation for the nature on our beautiful planet earth, the forests, the oceans, the beaches you name it. We want to create a community that shares this appreciation for the planet and that wants to help eachother and our future generations to be able to continue enjoying what our beautiful planet has to offer. To ensure our future generations can enjoy the planet as much as we do, we want to support our community in making sustainable choices and honoring the earth, so we can accomplish this together.

We offer sportswear, activewear and leisure wear as well as accessories made from organic materials such as bamboo.
Also, our new collection of women's sportswear and activewear is made from recycled bottles, thereby eliminating plastic waste from the ocean one piece of clothing at a time.

What inspires us?

This is actually a very easy question. Pretty much all of our surroundings inspire us to create designs for you, but our main inspiration is nature. We love watching different patterns and textures in nature and the amazing colors and color combinations that come with it. This inspires us to bring you clothing that is designed for the long haul, we don't want any fast fashion that ends up in the landfill after one season. We aim to create designs that will never go out of style because they have been inspired by the nature we all love and appreciate so much. Our designs therefore bring color to your life in stylish designs, but always have a link in some way to colors and/or patterns that you can see everywhere around you. After creating our colors and design patterns, we adapt these to fit onto the human body in flattering designs for people of all different shapes and sizes to ensure you look your best while supporting a sustainable environment.

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